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Combinatorial testing / State machine test case generation / Regular expressions

This site provides testers three practical tools for test case generation:

  • A combinatorial tool which implements several combinatorial-based algorithms for generating test cases. There are implementations of algorithms such as All combinations, several pairwise algorithms (AETG, PROW -Pairwise with Restrictions, Order and Weight-, a costly pairwise -with exponential cost-, a bacteriological and a genetic), antirandom and random.
  • A very powerful tool to generate test cases from finite automata and/or regular expressions.
  • A tool to generate test cases from state machines specifications.
  • By now, the use of these tools is completely free. However, get an account to use all the functionalities.

You are cordially invited to freely use these tools, both for the actual test of your systems, as well as for your research work. All the tools include instructions and examples.

Select your source for test case generation:
Combinatorial tool
Regular expressions / automata
You can describe test scenarios by drawing a finite automata or wrting a regular expression. Use any of these specifications to generate test cases.
Given the specification:
A-> new Account()
B-> deposit(double)
C-> withdraw(double)
D-> transfer(String, double)
E-> getBalance()

the regular expression: A(B|C|D)*E
can be expanded to produce many test cases to test this Account class.
State machines tool
Examples and help

Cite this site as: Polo M. and Pérez B. (2010). A framework and a web implementation for combinatorial testing. White paper of the Alarcos Research Group. Available at (current date): http://alarcosj.esi.uclm.es/CTWeb

This tool has been developed by: Macario Polo Usaola.
It's based on a previous version developed by Macario Polo Usaola, Beatriz Pérez Lamancha and Pedro Reales Mateo
Alarcos Group
Department of Information Systems and Technologies
University of Castilla-La Mancha
Contact person: macario.polo@uclm.es
Some combinatorial algorithms have been implemented by PhD students of Testing and Security of Information Systems